Due to the current COVID situation, we have had to postpone the AAPS meetup on 9-13 October in HCM city. A new date is coming!

President’s Message

Dear friends and colleagues

Hello honorable board members of AAPS, Greetings from Bangladesh. It is a great honor to be elected as president of AAPS and I would like to thank the board members for electing me. Also would like to congratulate all the newly selected board members of AAPS.

I would like to thank Professor Tomoaki Taguchi for very successfully leading our organization. Actually he was the first one who emailed and welcomed me as the president followed by Professor Abdul Aziz. Thank you Tomoaki and Aziz.

I would like to thank Professor Anette Jacobsen, our very successful past Secretary General, who worked very hard to continue the activities of AAPS. We appreciate her work very much.

I would also like to thank Professor Liem and his team for successfully organizing the 26th AAPS meeting in Vietnam.

I would like to thank the publication committee for reviewing the papers submitted in the 26th AAPS meeting held in Vietnam. We are thankful to Professor Kenneth Wong under whose supervision the publication committee did such an excellent work. We really appreciate it.

We are also thankful to Professor Kenneth for agreeing to host the 27th AAPS meeting in Hong Kong jointly with PAPS meeting. Hopefully in the future if the situation permits we will have one in Bangladesh also.

I would like to remember all the support and contribution of the past presidents and secretaries in the developing process of AAPS to the current stage. Thanks Professor Yamataka, Professor Tomoaki, Professor Anette Jacobson[present in this meeting].

The board will always be thankful to Professor Prem Puri for his tremendous effort to make Pediatric Surgery International the official journal of AAPS. It is of great help academically for the AAPS members.

I welcome the newly selected board members. This is the first virtual meeting of the new board and I hope we will continue to keep having such meetings regularly. I hope that our new Secretary General, Professor Paul Chang will carry forward the work with more successful results.

With the difficult situation in many parts of the world, we have to continue working together for the surgical children of Asia through education, capacity building, research, skill development etc. I hope with the help of our past presidents, secretaries and board members we will be able to continue to do so.

There are 2/3 issues we have to look at. Like – Membership drive, updated AAPS Website and Better communication among members. I hope our efficient Secretary General and all the board members will look into it.

Finally, once again I am grateful for the great honor that has been bestowed upon me. And hope that we shall continue to work hard to make AAPS more effective and successful.

Yours Sincerely,

Prof Tamhina Banu
Secretary General of the Asian Association of Pediatric Surgeons