Due to the current COVID situation, we have had to postpone the AAPS meetup on 9-13 October in HCM city. A new date is coming!

General Information

A. Regular Members:
Regular members of the Association shall be individual Pediatric surgeons who at the time of application are practicing in Asia.

B. Associate Members:
Associate members of the association shall be pediatric surgeons who are practicing in countries not included in Asia, or be surgeons or others from supporting disciplines such as pediatric radiology, pathology, anesthesiology, oncology and neonatology. Their privileges and duties shall be the same as those of regular members, but they shall not be eligible to vote or to be elected for office.

C. Honorary Members:
Honorary members shall be surgeons or others who have made outstanding contributions to pediatric surgery. Honorary members shall not be eligible to vote and shall not be subject to dues.

D. Procedures.
New members shall be elected by the Board and confirmed by the Council at the Scientific Congress of the Association. The names of candidates, duly proposed as follows, must be sent to the Secretary General with all relevant documentation at least two (2) months before the Scientific Congress. All applications for new membership shall be initiated by two regular members in good standing. The sponsoring members shall be responsible for sending a letter commending the candidate to the Secretary General. A candidate for either regular or associate membership must complete the application form and send it to the Secretary General together with his/her curriculum vitae and bibliography. Candidates shall be considered for membership at the Executive Board Meeting and shall be approved for membership by the council at the Council Meeting held during the Scientific Congress. A candidate for honorary membership shall be nominated by the unanimous decision of the Executive Board and his/her membership approved by a majority vote of the Council at the Council Meeting held during the Scientific Congress.

Certificate of Membership

A. Certificate of Membership:
A certificate of membership, numbered, and with seal of the Association affixed, signed by the President, the Secretary General or such other officers as may be designated by the Executive Board shall be issued to each member certifying the class of membership held by him/her in the Association.

B. Lost Certificate:
A new certificate of membership may be issued to replace a lost or destroyed certificate, when requested by the member upon payment of a fee of $US5o per person.

C. Transfer of Certificate:
A certificate of membership shall not be transferable.
Asian Association of Pediatric Surgeons

Subscription and Renewal

Please contact the AAPS Secretary General, Anette Jacobsen via email at secretariat@aaps.health.

Alternatively, you may leave us a message.